Axis Labs comes out with Furazadrol

June 7th, 2007

Axis Labs releases Furazadrol. Similar to Gaspari’s Orastan A this PH is supposed to be a very dry compound.

FURAZADROL is a pro-anabolic compound that is extremely effective. It will dramatically enhance the density of muscle because it does not aromatize in the body. FURAZADROL is highly valued by dieting bodybuilders and athletes because it gives a lean muscular look to the physique without fat accumulation or fluid retention. FURAZADROL is very favorable in cutting cycles when water and fat retention are major concerns. FURAZADROL is especially suitable for athletes such as wrestlers and track and field athletes who do not want to carry around excess water weight.

FURAZADROL is not aromatized in the body and is not estrogenic. An additional anti-estrogen should not be necessary and estrogen related side effects should not be a concern. FURAZADROL may also act as an antagonist with progesterone, which can help eliminate progesterone related side effects. Progesterone side effects are generally similar to estrogen related side effects, so eliminating them will help enhance lean muscularity.

Additionally, FURAZADROL has the ability to suppress levels of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). SHBG acts to temporarily constrain hormones from exerting activity and SHBG reduces the available percentage of unbound (active) hormone. Suppressing SHBG can increase active hormone concentrations in the body thereby increasing their effectiveness. FURAZADROL has a minimal impact on liver function because it is not methylated. However, sensitive individuals should still consult their physician.

ALRI releases Pro Anabol

May 29th, 2007

To follow up with Ergopharms 11-oxo and the soon to be released 3-AD from Anabolic Extreme, ALRIO released their verson called Pro Anabol


11-OXO close to release…

May 11th, 2007

In response to Anabolic Xtreme’s 3-ad, ErgoPharm is releasing their 11 OXO. Reports say both compounds are identical and Ergopharm describes it as a “Selective Cortisol Modulator”. Both products are being released this month and already causing a buzz in the supplements industry.

Stimulant X 2 about to be released!

April 23rd, 2007

Some news about Anabolic Xtreme’s stimulant X 2.0:

Stimulant X 2

StimulantX 2.0 is FINALLY ready. We had a hell of a time with one ingredient. It has taken us over 6 months to get this synthesis made.

StimulantX 2.0 has to be the most unique energy and fat loss formula ever created. It still has the major components of the original StimulantX but now has a couple new and very innovative ingredients. We will have sample packs for everyone to try in about 4 weeks. Until then we are 100% sold out. Get it while you can

For more information please visit:

Stimulant X

Torrent AMA and Cytolean released this week…

April 20th, 2007

Both of these supps have been making some buzz lately. Reivews aren’t really in yet but the expectations are positive.



Torrent™ sets a new standard for post-workout (PWO) nutrition. Though often overlooked, this part of the bodybuilding equation is the most critical aspect in the quest to foster new growth. Properly utilizing this time is vital for inducing overall muscle mass “activation”. Torrent’s™ formula is designed to maximize the anabolic “window of opportunity” that exists after a hard training session, when muscle protein synthesis can potentially be stimulated for hours. Simultaneously, the rate of protein degradation is also increased.

In the absence of critical macronutrient intake, a bodybuilder’s protein balance would remain negative. If you want to build muscle this definitely isn’t good. This is where Torrent™ comes into play. It acts quickly and efficiently by supplying your muscles with a powerful cascade of criticial nutrients, all in a matter of moments. After a hard workout your muscles are torn down, glycogen is depleted and your body enters a damaging catabolic state. For the bodybuilder, this is a state of red alert.

When consumed immediately post-training, Torrent’s™ proprietary blend of muscle mass activators rush to bring your body back into anabolic “green light” status, quickly repairing damaged muscle fibers while triggering fresh growth. First and foremost, it has super high-efficiency protein. Torrent™ is loaded with hydrolyzed whey protein, which consists of small whey peptides that can be quickly digested and absorbed. Hydrolyzed protein is the quickest digesting protein available.

Torrent™ also contains a specialized Osmosulin Matrix™ of carbohydrates that allows for quick glycogen replenishment and the fastest possible absorption of muscle-nourishing nutrients. This blend is packed with an optimal ratio of complex carbs from innovative, highly prized waxy maize starch, maltodextrin, and dextrose. This blend allows for a dramatic boost of anabolic insulin via simple sugars coupled with the nutrient-drawing effects of “high molecular weight” carbohydrates.

The formula is then generously spiked with 18 grams of a key proprietary blend of advanced aminos and creatines… A special “anabolic matrix” that will put your muscles in post-workout recovery overdrive. When consumed immediately after intense training this potent blend can induce a powerful anabolic surge that shuttles nutrients into your starved muscle cells.

Heightened anabolism, rapid nutrient transport, insulin potentiating–all delivered by means of a delicious post-workout growth cocktail. And we mean delicious. Torrent™ is an anabolic force mother nature never intended. Blow your plateaus away with Torrent™.



New Cytolean™ from Gaspari Nutrition is undoubtedly the most exciting news in fat burning to hit the market in years. Using a unique, patent pending formula exclusive to Gaspari Nutrition, this amazing product promises to burn fat, reduce appetite, increase energy levels and induce a unique “feel good,” euphoric effect that is sure to take the industry by storm.

If you remember the good old days of ephedra and phenylpropanolamine then you are going to love the feel of Gaspari Cytolean™ . Using a multi- tiered system that increases lipolysis, energy levels, and ability to concentrate while decreasing appetite and fat deposition, Cytolean™ stands alone in the fat loss supplement marketplace as the only product that really works without giving you the “shakes, jitters or stomach discomfort.” If you are using a fat loss supplement and its not Cytolean™ you really are not maximizing your fat loss potential. Get Cytolean™ today! Gaspari Nutrition - We make products that work!

Cytolean™ - Start Burning Fat Today!™

* The most comprehensive and powerful fat loss product to come out in 10 years
* Patent pending thermogenic agent
* Crushes appetite & constant cravings
* Long-term explosive energy (no crash!)
* Profound sense of well-being & mental focus
* 120 extended release capsules

Let’s face facts! The truth is dieting to lose weight/fat sucks. It’s easy to gain weight/muscle mass - you just train harder and eat more - and lets face it, who doesn’t like to eat? Ask any bodybuilder though, the WORST part about competing for a show, is dieting for the show. And whether you are stepping on stage for the Mr. Olympia contest or stepping out of your car for your 20th high school reunion, it’s still all a show anyhow. Who can honestly say they do not want to look their absolute best when it really counts? Lean, taught, tight!

If only there was something that could help you with the major mood swings you experience while you are dieting that stubborn fat off…if only there was something that could help quell those cravings for snacking and help annihilate your appetite…wouldn’t dieting be a lot easier? Wouldn’t the success rate be a lot better?

While most traditional “fat burners” and thermogenic sports nutrition products help to speed up your metabolism, almost all of these products fail miserably at helping you with in between meal cravings. Most also fail to truly curb your appetite and none of them can really honestly say they do anything to “improve your personality” while you are dieting.

Until now! Meet Cytolean™ -
Gaspari Nutrition’s new diet & fat loss product!

Cytolean™ is truly unique among “weight loss sports nutrition” products in that it just doesn’t improve metabolism, Cytolean™ is the very first and ONLY supplement that help to improve your mood, help with cravings and in between meal snackings and help with your appetite.

Cytolean™ is so different from mainstream fat loss products that its’ unique formula is actually patent pending!

Losing weight and dieting is so difficult to do successfully. How may people do you know who have tried to diet and failed miserably the first 1- 2-10 times they tried to lose that weight? Well, losing weight does not have to be a miserable experience anymore thanks to Cytolean™ - the first revolutionary and “truly new” diet aid/fat loss supplement in the last decade.

Palo Alto Labs releases Reset AD

April 16th, 2007

This one many people have been waiting for not only for the what the product does but also because of the price.

reset ad
Reset AD

Introducing Reset AD by Palo Alto Labs

You spend twelve stressful hours a day at work, you bust your ass in the gym each and every night, you’ve got a wife that constantly gives you a hard time and you never seem to sleep enough. Face it, you’re flat worn out from all the stress, and the only thing that keeps you going are the energy drinks and the fat burners that you’re constantly throwing down. Like millions of others around you, you are suffering from Adrenal Fatigue, a chronic condition brought about by long periods of intense exposure to stress, sleep deprivation and overuse of stimulants. What you’ve probably also noticed is that the stimulants that you’ve been throwing down, just don’t have the same kick anymore. All those preworkout powders and fatburners and energy drinks you take just to get you pumped for your workout, and they just don’t seem to be cutting it anymore. You even wonder if the formula of your favorite product has been changed without you knowing. The formula hasn’t been changed in most cases, you’ve just become DESENSITIZED to the effects of stimulants because of poor adrenal function.

RE-Stim your Stimulant

If you’re ready to begin resensitizing yourself to stimulants, while also improving the health of your adrenal system, then you are ready. If you are desperate to put that charge back into your favorite stimulant, then you’re ready to experience Reset-A.D.

Introducing Reset-A.D., the first of its kind supplement, designed specifically to resensitize your adrenal system to stimulants while helping to improve overall adrenal function and aid in the alleviation of fatigue, weight gain and muscle weakness brought about due to the over-exertion of our adrenal system. Reset-A.D. has been formulated to offer needed support to the over-taxed adrenal gland and provide your body with many of the missing adrenal hormones that are no longer being adequately produced.

Reset-A.D. is NOT a stimulant, and has NOT been designed to replace any of the stimulant products in your arsenal. It has been specifically formulated to work in close concert with your preworkout and fatburning products as a stimulant facilator in order to give you the maximum perfomance boost in your workouts and throughout the rest of your day.

In our fitness crazed society, we supplement our bodies for nearly every condition. We take products to improve joint health, products to reduce cholestrol, build muscle and speed metabolism in order to burn fat. We use liver detoxifiers and anti-estrogen products after prohormone use and we even take supplements to improve our sexual function. Through all this supplementation though, we are completely ignoring the critical health and function of our adrenal system. Without a fully functioning adrenal system, we no longer have an adequate ability to respond to stress. Energy production drops dramatically, fatigue and slugglishness sets in, fat storage increases and weight gain ensues. Adrenal Fatigue is not a condition that solves itself. In our fast paced, 16 hour day, stressed out lives, Adrenal Fatigue is a self propagating condition that can’t simply be ignored or masked by massive doses of stimulant products alone, i.e. fatburners and energy drinks. Now there is a revolutionary new supplement from Palo Alto Labs designed to specificially address the condition of adrenal fatigue and the overall health of your adrenal system - Reset-A.D.

Give up my fat burner and coffee? Not on your Life!!

Normal treatment of Adrenal Fatigue requires giving up stimulants and other stress factors in our lives. We all know that this is never going to happen. We all have extremely active lives and are hooked on stimulants in order to survive. According to a recent study conducted by Johns Hopkins University, caffeine is the most commonly used mood altering substance in the United States. More than 90% of Americans, including children, habitually consume caffeine and other stimulants. It is very unlikely, especially for those of us that are extremely fitness conscious and spend long hours in the gym, to ever give up our stimulants, or “slow down” our lives. Reset-A.D. was formulated with the stimulant addict in mind. Reset-A.D. has been designed to be used in close coordination with fat burners and energy drinks in order to help blunt the negative impact that these stimulants have on your adrenal system, while working to resensitize the adrenals to the beneficial energy boost generally associated with these same stimulants. Through proper use of Reset-A.D., you can help over time to improve adrenal health and reduce the slugishness caused by Adrenal Fatigue.

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal Fatigue is the result of the declining function of the adrenal glands and the ability to no longer adequately meet the demands of stress. Unbeknownst to most, the adrenal glands provide a very important, and often overlooked function. They are fully responsible for responding to every form of stress, whether it is psychological, emotional or physical, through complex hormones that regulate energy production & storage, muscle tone and heart rate. When our adrenal glands become weakened, their response to stress becomes inadequate and adrenal fatigue begins to set in. The result often manifests itself as a deep fatigue, loss of strength & endurance, weight gain or mild depression. In order to continue on in our daily lives, we compensate for our fatigue by overdosing on stimulants. What very few of us realizes is that overexposure to stimulants found in energy drinks, coffee and fat burners exacerbates the weakening function of the adrenal glands. Overuse of stimulants puts additional stress on the adrenal system, and is the equivalent of giving way too much gas and flooding out the engine of your car. As adrenal fatigue worsens, the positive “lifting” affect of stimulant products lessens until they really don’t seem to work anymore. In an Ideal world, one that none of us actually live in, treatment of Adrenal Fatigue requires 9 to 12 months of minimal stress, sleeping late, taking naps multiple times per day and taking negative people out of our lives. Yeah right, fat chance of that.

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue:

* Morning Fatigue. Not seeming to “wake up” until 10am even though you’ve been up for 3 hours.
* Middle of the Afternoon “Low”. Sluggishness and clouded thinking in the middle of the day.
* Burst of Energy around 6pm
* Sleepiness around 9pm, but a “Second Energy Burst” around 11pm till 1am.
* Mild Depression, Decreased Sex Drive and Lack of Energy
* Muscular Weakness and declining endurance
* Weight gain, with extreme difficulty in losing it
* Unrelaxing or Unfulfilling Sleep

Adrenal Function: Ignore at your own Peril.

Working out 2 hours a day, stuffing yourself with protein and creatine, dosing yourself with the newest prohormone or nitric oxide product, what’s it all for if you completely ignore the health of the system that controls all production and dispersion of energy producing hormones? You spend so much time taking care of your body, and supplementing all of its needs, but it’ll all end up for nothing if you don’t maintain or restore the health of your adrenal system. The adrenal glands, amongst other things, control energy production, fat conversion to blood glucose for energy, electrolyte balance, fat storage, strength of the immune system, production of adrenaline and norepinephrine as well as regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Ignoring the heath of your adrenal system in favor of just building lean mass or cutting fat, is like washing & waxing your car every day, but completely forgetting to ever change the oil. You may look great on the outside, but after a while your internal functions just begin to break down around you.

Reset-A.D. has been designed to provide the bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast with the following benefits:

* Re-energize the effects & sensitivity towards stimulants
* Eliminates fatigue & stress caused by poor adrenal function
* Provides support for improved adrenal system function without removal from one’s daily stressful environment.
* Works effectively with PreWorkout and Energy Supplements.

Until now, athletes, bodybuilders and supplement companies alike have almost completely ignored the health of our adrenal system.

Not Anymore…. If you feel constantly fatigued, are gaining weight or simply not seeing those strength gains anymore despite hours at the gym, then more than likely, you are suffering from moderate Adrenal Fatigue. Now is the time to stop masking your stress and fatigue by simply overdosing on stimulants. Resensitize your body to stimulants by taking control of your of adrenal health with Reset-A.D. and eliminate the root cause of your fatigue.
Recharge your stimulants with Reset-A.D. and put the explosiveness back into your workouts.

Nutraplanet picks up Athletic Edge Nutrition

April 13th, 2007

NP picked up AE Nutrition last week. Here is a little bit of info on their products that seem to creating some buzz.


Boost Strength and Increase Lean Muscle Gains with IntraXCell!

Athletic Edge Nutrition, The Nutrient Timing Specialists, is pleased to introduce IntraXCell, the biggest scientific breakthrough in physique enhancement and athletic performance since creatine. We have scientifically formulated precise doses of four key ingredients to create a product that will work synergistically to increase intramuscular Carnosine and Glutathione levels, which boosts strength, lean muscle mass and fights muscular fatigue at the cellular level.

The Result: Explosive Strength and Endurance, forcing lean muscle gains, physique improvements and muscular GROWTH!

IntraXCell is scientifically formulated to:

• Boost Explosive Muscular Strength and Endurance, Forcing
Lean Muscle Gains.
• Increase Intracellular Carnosine Levels and Fight Muscular
Fatigue & Metabolic Acidosis.
• Extreme Muscle Fullness and Vascularity.
• Naturally Boost the Power Antioxidant Glutathione and Fight
Cellular Fatigue.

History is about to be made once again!

Until now, creatine, with numerous research studies to support its effectiveness, was the leading supplement for improving exercise and muscular performance. Since creatine exploded into the sports nutrition world in the early 90’s, our understanding of exercise physiology and sports nutrition has evolved exponentially. Exciting new research has given rise to another breakthrough, one that could change the direction of the industry like creatine did so many years ago..

Hydrogen ions are released during exercise, causing performance to plummet.

When we exercise, especially when it’s high intensity exercise, our bodies accumulate a large amount of hydrogen ions (H+), causing our muscles’ pH to drop (become more acidic). This process is occurring whether you feel a burn or not.

The breakdown of ATP and the subsequent rise in H+ concentrations occur in all of our energy systems but H+ buildup is most prevalent in an energy system called glycolysis, which also produces lactic acid. At physiological pH, lactic acid dissociates H+ and is the primary source of released H+ ions during exercise, causing pH to drop. It is the released H+ from lactic acid that causes muscular performance problems, not the leftover lactate ions as many incorrectly believe. While lactic acid is the primary source of released H+, it is not the only source. H+ ions are also being released at a rapid rate when you break down the high energy compound ATP during exercise. With the presence of many sources during energy production releasing H+, pH quickly drops as does muscular performance, slowing progress and lean muscle gains.

While muscle acidity has certainly proven to decrease strength and contribute to muscular fatigue, new research is now showing that exercise-induced intracellular free radical production is another source of muscular fatigue. The combination of muscular acidity and increased free radical production greatly diminishes your performance during exercise, stopping your workouts cold and interfering with lean muscle gains.

Fortunately, Athletic Edge Nutrition has developed a tool you can use to combat intracellular acidity and free radical production, pushing your performance, physique and results to the next level.

Q: How does IntraXCell combat H+ accumulation and free radical production to boosts my strength, fight cellular fatigue and increase my lean muscle gains?

Much of IntraXCell’s benefits come through its key ingredeint, Beta-Alanine. Beta-Alanine effects are realized through its ability to boost the synthesis of a powerful intramuscular buffer called carnosine. Carnosine is a naturally occurring di-peptide that has been consistently and scientifically proven to DRAMATICALLY affect athletic performance when increased above normal baseline levels. How much, can Beta-Alanine increase carnosine concentraions you ask? Daily supplementation with extra Beta-Alanine, can increase muscle carnosine concentrations by as much as 80% after 10-12 weeks

Due to the dramatic boost in our muscles buffering capacity, through supplementing with IntraXCell, you can expect BIG GAINS in strength, lean muscle and muscular endurance.

Steel Edge

SteelEdge-Full-Spectrum Pre-Workout Formula, specifically designed to take advantage of the latest advancements in Nutrient Timing Science!

What is SteelEdge?

SteelEdge is a Full Spectrum Pre-Workout Formula specifically designed to target and support your body’s Pre-Workout physiological environment, priming it for intense, focused, energetic and result producing workouts.

SteelEdge is scientifically formulated to target, support and optimize:

• Exercise Intensity, Energy & Endurance.
• Strength, Lean Muscle & Protein Synthesis.
• Focus, Concentration and Drive.
• Recovery, Electrolyte Balance and Anti-Oxidant
• Better RESULTS.

Q. Why is Pre-Workout Supplementation so important?

With the right Pre-Workout supplementation, you give yourself no better opportunity to gain both immediate benefits as well as long-term results from your training protocol.

Exciting new scientific research supports and indicates that ingesting certain nutrients prior to exercise may be the MOST important factor affecting performance and results from your training protocol. That’s right, even more important than post-workout supplementation! While daily supplements and post-workout formulas have their place and should not be overlooked, they have their limitations. Conversely, the right Pre-Workout nutrients target and support the physiological responses occurring during exercise, providing benefits that other supplements do not.

In response to this new and exciting research, Athletic Edge Nutrition, The Nutrient Timing Specialists, formulated the groundbreaking SteelEdge. Through four nutrient blends, SteelEdge targets and infuses your body with the right nutrients, taking advantage of the Pre-Workout “window of opportunity” timeframe, maximizing your training results. SteelEdge simply takes the guesswork out of your Pre-Workout supplementation needs.

Q: How will SteelEdge improve my workouts and give me better results?

SteelEdge works through its proprietary four nutrient blends, preparing your body for explosive workouts.

Intensity/Energy Blend

• Increase Training Intensity, Fight Fatigue. With research-supported doses of the amino acids tyrosine, taurine and their cofactors, expect concentrated and forceful workouts.

Strength/Endurance Blend

• More Strength, Better Workouts. SteelEdge utilizes essential Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) with an emphasis on leucine, Trimethyglycine, and caffeine to push your strength and physical performance. Stay alert and energized long past your workout.

Focus/MentalEdge Blend

• Optimize Focus, Concentration and Drive with L-alpha- glycerylphosphorylcholine (alpha-GPC), Acetyl-L-Carnitine and choline bitartrate. These three nutrients provide the building blocks for the vital neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is the vital neurotransmitter that kick starts muscular contraction and is essential in many neurological processes, both of which are essential components of exercise performance.

Recovery/Electrolyte/Anti-Oxidant Blend

• Train Harder, Recover Faster, and Slash damaging free radicals with Arginine, L-Glutamine, Electrolytes and Green Tea Extract.

Q: How do I know if I need SteelEdge?

• Do you lack mental energy and focus in your workouts after a hard day’s work?
• Are you an early riser who needs something extra to push you through that early AM training session before you go to work?
• Have you reached a training plateau and need something to help you reach that next level?
• Are you not getting the results you would like from your training?
• Would you like to strip fat and add rock-hard muscle?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions then SteelEdge is for you.